The accuracy and spatial fidelity of all RealSim environment simulations stems from the underlying 2D and 3D aerial mapping data.  RealSim offer the mapping solution that best suits your needs and budget from off-the-shelf survey data, to bespoke surveys including ultra high resolution drone surveys.


Urban and rural environment simulations are comprised of buildings and infrastructure modelled to the required level of detail from simple block shapes to complex architectural and engineering buildings and structures. RealSim model from mapping data, from 2D CAD plans or just sketch drawings.

Software Development

RealSim’s offline Environment Information Model (EIM) platform harnasses the real-time rendering power of game engine technology whilst offering easy to use spatial and lighting analysis tools for technical and non-technical decision makers.  RealSim’s online environment viewer offers the most powerful public and stakeholder consultation tool ever developed.  Additional tools can be developed upon request to suit the particular needs of your project.