Gavin Duffy

Founder and CEO, Gavin Duffy is a geoscientist and virtual reality pioneer passionate about the empowering ability of environment simulations to visualise our future and understand our past. Passions outside of work include coaching mini-rugby, and capturing people and landscapes on camera.

Dr. Ivor Marsh

Ivor is a RealSim director and the company's chief technical advisor. He is a geoscientist with over 20 years experience in database management, spatial analytics, and software development. When not coding he can be found strumming out tunes on his guitar.

Gary Dempsey

Gary is RealSim's all round utility man. Although a Jack of all Trades it would be wrong to say he is a master of none. He completed a Masters in Digital Heritage from the Glasgow School of Art in 2014. His passion in all things heritage related is such that he can be found surveying everything from old buildings to cross slabs on his weekends off.

Adrian Flaherty

Adrian is a programmer and known to his colleagues as 'our man in Jersey'. He is a blockchain enthusiast and we believe he is only working for RealSim as a cover to hide his financial wealth arising from his early investment in Bitcoin!